Int 31H Function 0D02H

Serialize on Shared Memory [1.0]

Requests serialization of a shared memory block. Successful serialization symbolizes ownership or right of access to a block, and can be used by DPMI clients to synchronize the inspection or modification of a shared memory block.

Call With

AX = 0D02H
SI:DI = shared memory block handle
DX = option flags

00 = suspend client until serialization available
1 = return immediately with error if serialization not available
10 = exclusive serialization requested
1 = shared serialization requested
2-15reserved, must be zero

if function successful
Carry flag = clear

if function unsuccessful
Carry flag = set
AX = error code
8004Hdeadlock (host detected a deadlock situation)
8005Hrequest cancelled with Int 31H Function 0D03H
8017Hlock count exceeded
8018Hexclusive serialization already owned by another client
8019Hshared serialization already owned by another client
8023Hinvalid handle


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