Int 31H Function 0A00H

Get Vendor-Specific API Entry Point [0.9]

Returns an address which can be called to use host-specific extensions to the standard set of DPMI functions. DPMI 1.0 clients should avoid use of this function (see Note).

Call With

AX = 0A00H
DS:(E)SI = selector:offset of ASCIIZ (null-terminated) string which identifies the DPMI host vendor


if function successful
Carry flag = clear
ES:(E)DI = selector:offset of extended API entry point
and DS, FS, GS, EAX, EBX, ECX, EDX, ESI, and EBP may be modified.

if function unsuccessful
Carry flag = set
AX = error code
8001Hunsupported function (extension not found)


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