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Off subject, but I have a Xynetic pen plot of the uA431 hanging on the
wall from my days at Fairchild, c. mid 70's. The temperature
characteristics of the band gap reference were optimized using
Lagrangian techniques and verified with a new simulation program out
of Berkeley called Spice. The last I heard, (several years ago,) the
Fairchild Computer Vision DB was formatted to current stepper mask DB
standards, and was still in production after Fairchild was acquired by
et al, ending up at TI, via National. But that's just valley gossip.


gene glick (geneglick AT optonline DOT net) [via geda-user AT delorie DOT com] writes:
> TL431 is a personal favorite. It works very well as a shunt regulator or
> with a transistor to form a higher current series regulator. Both
> good...depends on the application.
> You did not mention noise or temperature. If noise is important to you,
> then you'll need to find a regulator that exposes the voltage reference so
> you can filter it. Temperature can affect some of these regulators. I've
> run the TL431 to 175C (and higher) with no problems. The band-gap reference
> is really very stable. Some regulators have thermal shutdown at 160C.


John Conover, conover AT rahul DOT net,

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