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As far as I can tell my public repository is set up at

1. I was unable to clone from git:// to my
hosted server. I just got connection refused errors. I don't know why.
It works fine from my local machine. So the above is a bare clone of my
working copy. I did a pull on the origin after I was done and it came
back as up to date so as far as I know it is in sync with the current

2. For the above repo the two branches which are going to be of interest
to you are the sab and the mem_leak branches. The sab branch includes my
last commit (after your formatting fixes) which I posted to the bug
report as a patch, commit eee2ef8ac There is currently only one commit
to the mem_leak branch, commit 5ccfd8b8a2

I am able to access it from my side using the http address so let me
know whether or not it works for you.


PS I did post my full reply+ to the list. I haven't seen it show up yet
which is why I am cc:ing you in this message.

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