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Hello Luis,

Op 27-11-18 om 16:54 schreef Luis de Arquer (ldearquer AT gmail DOT com) [via 
geda-user AT delorie DOT com]:
> Hi Richard,
> On car, we normally use a TVS with a high enough value so that
> supressed load dump doesn't affect it, yet the other pulses can be
> drained through -so 36V to 40V. 33V TVS showed to burn on load dumps.
> Anyway, let us know what you find out! I am curious to see why it failed :)

I just got the boards in, and sure enough, the TVS diode was obliterated 
in the broken ones.

This Friday, I'll go to the truck company with a DSO for measurements on 
the actual vehicles, both in the workshop and 'live' on the road.

I'll let you know what I find!

Thanks again,

Best regards,

Richard Rasker

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