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Subject: [geda-user] [pcb-rnd] Release: 1.2.6 with subcircuit terminals, dxf, hpgl and
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Hello gEDA users,

I'm proud to announce the next release of pcb-rnd, version 1.2.6. It 
upgrades subcircuits with terminals (the replacement of pins and pads), 
introduces a new dxf and openscad exporter and a HPGL importer.

A feature highlight is polygon-can-clear-polygon, and there are a lot of 
smaller improviements (e.g. a dialog box to edit object flags and another 
for edit layer bindigs of subcircuits and buffers.)

Thanks to all the developers, contributors and users reporting bugs.

Project page:

SVN: svn://

IRC: #pcb-rnd on server port 6667; webchat:

Source tarball:

In the next development cycle, spanning 2.5 months, we are going to:

- give subcircuits and terminals more testing to iron out the last bugs

- implement padstacks

- switch over I/O plugins to use subcircuits instead of elements to pave 
the road for removing elements

Release notes:

pcb-rnd 1.2.6

The focus of the release is upgrading subcircuit support with terminals
so that subcircuits can participate in circuits the same way as elements
can. This made subcircuits suitable for use as footprints - without any of
the inherited limitations of elements.

Subcircuit terminals like SMD pads are often polygons and they need to
clear copper polygons. This is done by introducing a new flag,
CLEARPOLYPOLY that allows a polygon to have a clearance value and clear
into other polygons just like lines and arcs. This can be used outside of
subcircuits as well.

On the way of completing the new layer code, the HID API for rendering
layers and layer groups had to be rewritten to fully support multi-color,
composite layer group rendering. This allows the user to have
selection-color displayed on a composite layer group. It makes the
rendering API much simpler and orthogonal - makes developer's life
easier. All HIDs and export plugins are updated for the new API.

To follow the best pcb-rnd traditions, a few new I/O plugins have been
added for this release, helping better communication with 2d and 3d
mechanical CAD applications:

   - openscad exporter rewritten from scratch
   - a new dxf exporter, written from scratch
   - a minimalistic importer for HPGL


Best regards,


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