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> On 03/21/2017 01:04 PM, Peter Clifton (petercjclifton AT googlemail DOT com) [via geda-user AT delorie DOT com] wrote:
> > One other route which could be fruitful is working from the package BSDL file given by the vendor to aid JTAG testing. Probably
> > won't have all your alternative pin names, but it's potentially worth looking at.
> Maybe that  BSDL file,

Yes, the bsdl gives you the pin names and number.

>  plus the pdf2text jwould be enough to associate the table entries...

If your program is smart enough to get the table entries, then you 
don't need the bsdl file. Getting the pin names from the pdf table
isn't that hard, the alternate names though, isn't lined up nicely
with the pin number, so you must use some heuristics to tell if this item belongs to the line above or below.

E.g. if the above is "-" then the name probably belongs to
line below. If the string in the cell ends with "/", then it is an
indication the something will follow and it belongs to the cell below.

/Karl Hammar

Aspö Data
Lilla Aspö 148
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