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On Wednesday 22 March 2017 13:25:51 karl AT aspodata DOT se wrote:

> Is it possible to handsolder QFN packages, something like [1] ?
> Hälsningar,
> /Karl Hammar
> [1]
I think a reflow oven would be faster, and there are numerous diy 
instructions on the net as to how to do this with a modified toaster 
oven. You would have to start with a scrubbed clean pattern on the 
board, anointed with a drop of solder paste, place the device on the 
paste in about the correct position and heat. The reflow is a wetting 
process by the solder, and it will suck a minor miss-alignment with the 
conductor pads into near perfect alignment as the solder "wets" the 2 

The modification parts may cost more than the basic oven, its a $20 bill 
at Walmart. You'll need to replace the mechanical temp controls with an 
SSR and a timer so it can reach a higher temp for a short time.

How much is that device in 100's? I may have a place for quite a few.

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Cheers, Gene Heskett
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