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Roland Lutz wrote:
> Take for example the experimental branch I posted some time ago which 
> implements some netlister features which have been on the wishlist for 
> quite some time: working buses, parametric subschematics, and customizable 
> power symbols without a trailing ":1".  For every one of these features, 
> people have criticized me for not implementing it their own way:

I would recommend to consider the criticism, but take it with a good grain
of salt unless it is backed by something more than just personal preference.

> So I basically have the options to either merge my patches even though 
> there are people opposing them

Please go ahead and do just that.

By all means solicit review, maybe post some key patches to the
(developer) list, but don't accept random (as opposed to well-founded)
preferences as blockers if you disagree and have a better plan.

I certainly support migrating existing gEDA tools to use xorn C code.

I think limited breakage is acceptable during development if it can't
be avoided, but not for a release. And of course it's better if it
can be avoided. :)


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