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On Mon, 19 Sep 2016, Dave McGuire (mcguire AT neurotica DOT com) [via geda-user AT delorie DOT com] wrote:

>  For my own use, though, while I'm following pcb-rnd development with
> interest, the loss of transparency was a show-stopper for me.  I realize
> you don't want to deal with OpenGL (which is definitely the best way to
> do this), but isn't there a practical way to implement transparency
> without it?

I see the following options:

I think gtk/gdk doesn't offer out-of-the-box usable opacity/transparency 
with software render. This suggest we'd need to do something like "render 
everthing manually in memory using transparency, then copy the result into 
a gdk pixmap at the end". Sounds like a lot of work and slow code at the 
end. Unless I missed something looking at the APIs, this just wouldn't 

The short term solution would be resurrecting the opengl code (through 
contribution or donation).

I don't plan migration to gtk3, so my long term plan is an sdl2 based HID, 
that will survive a gtk2 phase-out (I won't remove the gtk HID, but 
distros will stop delivering the required libraries sooner or later). As a 
side effect sdl2 has support for alpha channel both with and without 
opengl so it would be much easier to solve there. I plan to have optional 
transparency in the sdl HID. I don't know how good the opengl support in 
sdl2 is, but it might also solve the gl problem. There's no ETA on this 
project yet, it's a rathr big chunk. But as cschem needs a GUI too, and it 
will definitely be sdl2 too, it will happen sooner or later.



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