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John Doty <jpd AT noqsi DOT com> schrieb am 15. September 2016:

> 1. Xorn gives those a place for those who won=E2=80=99t use Scheme to
> contribute. There is no longer any reason to complain that we=E2=80=99re
> forcing Scheme on people.

Well, the GUI of gschem still requires guile. Actually, this is the
place where decent scripting support would matter the most.=20

> > My intention is to develop current C/Scheme codebase.

Dependency on guile is a major issue when it comes to a windows
port. The guile developer community is rather slow to fix problems
in this area. Remember, guile v2 had no working windows port for the
better part of five years. Only very recently I managed to successfully
cross compile a guile binary that actually runs under native MS-windows.=20
(Big thanks to the work of an independent developer who had the stamina
to fix the incompatibility issues and the generosity to provide a build
script on github.)
Now, I "just" have to find a time slot to integrate the binaries with the
mxe build environment for a cross compile of geda.

However, given the reluctance of the guile devs to support windows, I
wouldn't be surprised if the cross compile will break again after some

> However, I have to ask if Xorn has a user base? Is anyone doing
> projects with it?

About a month ago, I activated xorn on all of the currently five
electronics workplaces I maintain at the Institut f=C3=BCr Quantenoptik. I'd
estimate, there is about one netlisting done per day. After all, the
workplaces are used for repair and production most of the time. But
development is an important aspect, too.=20
I have yet to receive a complaint from a user about xorn. Probably, they
did not even notice the change. We generally use the import function of
pcb. So there is no much interaction with the actual netlister.=20

Kai-Martin Knaak
Email: kmk AT familieknaak DOT de
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