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> From pdf seems to be a little bit of a challenge and unpredictable.

Ohhh yes!

> I see you use a *.pins and *.tbl files.

Yes, the .pins (the .tbl is only something that existed in the pipeline)
was generated somewhat like:

 pdftohtml -f 40 -l 51 -c -xml /Net/http/ a

which gave me a.xml [1]

 cd Experimental
 A/ a.xml f

gave me [2]. I don't remeber how I got from f to stm32f105_7.tbl [3], 
but I did

 cd ..
 ./ stm32f105_7.tbl

to get [4] and with *that* --- I have "proven" that I can 
semimanuallyautomatically generate sym's from pdf's :)

  I do remeber now, this is how I did it:

> If footprints are generated from these files they might be
> suitable as intermediate files.

Yes, the .pins file is basically the table 8 of [5] (page. 46..57)
(page/table numbers have changed since I ran this last time) condensed.
Use it like you please.

> Then your software could be used as a backend with more input methods.

Sooo, what do you propose ?

/Karl Hammar


Aspö Data
Lilla Aspö 148
S-742 94 Östhammar
+46 173 140 57

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