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Richard Rasker wrote:

> Is there a way to have just the silk screen, pins and pads showing?
> Or is this not possible?
I too find this kind of prints indispensable for debugging and general
documentation. You can find my solution on gedasymbols:

This shell script uses the eps engine of pcb and lots of command line
options to produce postscript pages. I use pcb actions to show values 
or refdes and switch to bottom view. The postscript pages are rescaled 
with the poster utility and merged into a PDF document. The script can 
also produce a photo realistic PNG with a simple drop shadow for that 
touch of eye candy.

The result looks like this:

There is a little catch though: By default, pcb thinks my action to 
switch sides is not appropriate for a HID with no GUI. It assumes 
something fishy is going an and exits immediately. As a quick fix, I 
wrote a simple patch which turns the instant exit into a warning:

Without the patch the script can still print the top side.


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