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Going on with it; same remarks as before.

1. easy

- hid/common/actions.c: all_actions[] is alloced but never freed. This 
will get more important if plugins need to be unloadable runtime (pcb-rnd 
aims to be able to do that eventually; not for unload alone, but for 
reload; plugins being unloaded should deregister their actions 
selectively). I don't say a revision number here because my implementation 
probably differs too much.

2. hard

- global Library is never freed. It could be done at the end, but there's 
a trick: file.c/LoadNewLibFootprintsFromDir() sets entry->ListEntry to 
point into the middle of a string allocated elsewhere, while the rest of 
the code always allocates new memory for entry->ListEntry. I ended up 
adding a new field in library entry to keep track on whether ->ListEntry 
should be free()'d or not (r1252).

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