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(How ?)
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On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 07:57:41AM +0100, Kai-Martin Knaak wrote:
> DJ Delorie wrote:
> >> I do not consider buried/blind via a very high-end feature.
> > 
> > None of the prototype offerings I use inclue b/b vias as options...
> My favorite fab offers blind and buried vias for all of their 
> products. ( )
> > they're only included in much more expensive offerings.
> Basista charges 77.16 EUR with VAT and shipping included for a single 
> piece size 50mm x 100mm, 1.55 mm FR4, four layers, solder stop, 
> connection check, no silk. 

And they have outrageous charges for shipping outside Germany, over 
€45 for Spain for example (funny how they list Lesotho on their pull-down
menus, I suspect they mean Latvia).

> Minimum drill is 0.3 mm. Minimum size and 
> minimum distance is 0.15 mm. They do arbitrary contours. Would this be 
> a "much more expensive offering"?

Right now I'm using multi-cb:

The minimal drill size is 0.2mm, and standard (no surcharge) design 
rules are 125/125µ (5/5mil) for four layers HAL finish and 100/100µ 
(4/4mil) for 6+ layers (ENIG). Same example costs €59+S&H+VAT, but
a second board is only €10 (+VAT) more.

6 layer board of same size is €98+VAT+S&H, (€116 for 2 boards) with 
100/100µ rule, it's what I've used most in the last years.

They also offer higher layer count but I have never used them, and I
don't think I would use them without blind or buries vias:

- 8 layer is €157 (€166 for Qty 2), never used.

- 10 layer jumps to €519, but the second one is free! And even 10 will
  "only" be €546.

Unfortunately they only sell to business. For private designs, 
I'm considering Eurocircuits.

And no, I have no interest in them, I'm only a satisfied customer and we
try to place several orders together here to minimize impact of S&H to
Spain (<€30 in all cases).

For now I've never done more than 6 layers and never really had
a real need for blind or buried vias. I suspect that it would be 
different starting from 8 layers.


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