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> DJ . don't rule a potential set of users out because of your limited
> facilities and personal experience.

I'm not ruling them out, I'm using myself (and others like me) as an
example where the previous statement doesn't apply.  The set of users
who need b/b vias is tiny compared to the set of users who don't, it's
perfectly reasonable for us to target the larger group and leave the
smaller group to other layout packages.

> These are bona fide potential users of gEDA and whilst there may not
> be a huge coding effort available .. it is a potential that could be
> tapped in the future.

Every EDA user is a "bona fide potential user" but it's impractical to
say "we're going to support every potential user".  We just don't have
the resources to do that.  We have to choose our goals carefully, to
balance what is desirable with what is practical.

So don't jut say "They could be using pcb if only it had feature XYZ".
You need to add: how many users would we gain, how hard is it to add
XYZ, and do we have the resources to do it?  Even then, we might
simply choose to not support it because it opens some can of worms
somewhere that we're just not interested in, or because there are
other features that have a bigger benefit, or because we're busy
spending time with our families.

And just to make it absolutely clear to everyone: the developers
develop PCB for selfish reasons.  *I* have no desire to add
blind/buried vias because it doesn't help *me*.  Other devs have their
own personal reasons to work on PCB.  So please don't throw "You have
to do this" at us and expect it to stick.

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