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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Hierarchical design, pin number not needed
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On Jan 26, 2016, at 2:04 AM, Nicklas Karlsson =
(nicklas DOT karlsson17 AT gmail DOT com) [via geda-user AT delorie DOT com] =
<geda-user AT delorie DOT com> wrote:

>>>>>>> Then using hierarchical design netlist complain if there are no =
pin numbers in symbol although in pcb it seems everything work OK =
without the pin numbers.
>>>>>> It doesn=92t work OK if you=92re not flattening hierarchy.
>>>>> The number is in the symbol but not in the schematic underneath. =
How is the number used? Or what purpose does it fulfill?
>>>> There=92s no way get get pin attributes or connections without the =
pin number in the back end. The hierarchy traversal in the core can =
=93cheat=94 because it completely removes the pin from the netlist =
structures. A hierarchical back end needs the pin, though, and therefore =
needs the pin number.
>>> So if hierarchical back end needs the pin how does it use it then =
there is only refdes and no pin number on sub sheet? Would it possible =
to add an enumerator in between instead?
>> It depends on the back end. The older SPICE back ends relate the =
numeric part of a spice-IO device=92s refdes to a pinseq attribute on =
the subcircuit symbol. My gnet-spice-noqsi imitates the gnetlist core =
behavior, relating the refdes on an io symbol to the a pinlabel on the =
subcircuit symbol. I don=92t know what other hierarchy-aware back ends =
> Since gnetlist and your gnet-spice-noqsi relate the refdes on an io =
symbol to the pinlabel there should be no need for pinnumber then using =
these backends since the number is not used.

Gnetlist represents connections to nets as (refdes pinnumber). Without a =
pinnumber, there is no way to determine if a pin is connected to a net.

Gnetlist represents connections to packages as (pinnumber . netname). =
Without a pinnumber, there is no way for a pin on a package to be =

Gnetlist looks up pin attributes by pinnumber or pinseq. Without one of =
those, you can=92t get pin attributes. If I was grumpy today, I might =
argue that pinseq is a flawed concept.

In short, pinnumber is the attribute that generally identifies pins for =
a variety of purposes. Back ends need it.

> Nicklas Karlsson

John Doty              Noqsi Aerospace, Ltd.
jpd AT noqsi DOT com

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