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On 1/20/16, DJ Delorie <dj AT delorie DOT com> wrote:
>> Clearly, master is always more likely to have bugs, as a result of
>> integration of new features (patch commit or merge - whatever), but I
>> think
>> it is always best to TRY and keep master in a state where we expect it
>> works, and expect we COULD branch a release from it.
> True, but there's a wide range of options (and paranoia levels)
> between "good enough to play with" and "good enough to release".
> What I don't want is to make it so difficult and/or expensive to get
> work into master, that work never gets into master.  We need to be
> willing to accept *some* risk in order to promote progress.

Main rules I use for myself are:
 - don't commit code which obviously has serious bugs or crashes;
 - if I have inadvertently commited something like this, either
   fix or revert it ASAP;
 - 'make distcheck' must always work; if it doesn't work, fix it.

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