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> > >   3. "" which I will look at.
> > 
> > is not a solution
> > 
> >  why didn't you look further:
> > 
> >
... [about sym file generators] ...
> Ibis models seems to be rather common and for packets with many
> pins it make adding pins a lot faster.

See below, an ibis file is not the cure what you think it is.

// another mail

> I found this for $ ~/git/openhw/share/ stm32f2_lqfp100.ibs
> and tragesym accept a tab separated list. I guess comma is more
> common but if there already is tab it is better to use it.

> A separated list is rather good because since it could be parsed
> by several tools including spreadsheets. If exist and could
> be made output a separated list accepted by tragesym it should be
> rather easy to add this to gschem editor. If tragesym accept input
> from pipe there is no need for intermediate file.

I pointed you to a mail that gives you a better tool than
Why don't you go ahead and try that one, do your homework before
you are answering mails.

> Advantage with separated list in middle is it work as an interface
> between input which may come from any tool and output to symbol
> file.

One problem with ibis files as concerned with symbol files, is that
the ibis file is incomplete. Yes, you can probably get most pins out
of the ibis file, but you have to check what you are missing and add
that via another path. And if you already are adding missing pins
from another path, why don't take all pins from that path instead.

Also, ibis files probably won't give you alternate pin names or 


I can see one remote use of ibis files, and that is to make it
easier to identify what are pin tables in pdf files, but you still
have to more or less manually "help" the pin-extraction program in
some way.

/Karl Hammar

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Lilla Aspö 148
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