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Subject: Re: [geda-user] [OT] I need help with selecting components
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On 07/21/2015 11:43 PM, Spacefalcon the Outlaw wrote:
> For a long time I was at a loss with figuring just what connector TI
> used for power input on their Leonardo board - had I known what it was
> to begin with, I would have just used the same in my design without
> questioning it.  But the historical schematics just call it "PWR-PCB-3"
> - not very informative.  But earlier today, as I was reading all of
> the suggestions I got in response to my original inquiry, I took one
> more look at the full export of attributes from the OrCAD DSN
> schematics someone made for me a while back, and I noticed that one of
> the attributes for that component says "Farnell" and an adjacent one
> says "616-084".  I typed that number into Farnell's search box, and lo
> and behold, it gave me this:
> Checking it out, I realized that it must be the same power connector
> as can be seen in this photo of TI's D-Sample board, a close relative
> of the Leonardo:
> So now I know that the power input connector on the Holy Original
> boards was a Weidmuller 1510460000, and it's readily available from
> Farnell/Newark.

  Hey guys, just FYI, Phoenix Contact makes connectors very much like
these, possibly identical.  They're typically light green.  That
information may or may not be helpful, but I'll throw it out there
because I use them a lot.  I can send you my footprints if you let me
know which ones you're using so I can see if they'll match.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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