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On Fri, 13 Feb 2015, Kai-Martin Knaak wrote:

> An open source project like geda relies on volunteers to get ahead. Few
> people feel comfortable to learn a new language from scratch just to start
> contributing. Choose a rarely used language and you get less contributions
> than you could. IMHO, this is what we see with guile.

I agree. While there is no good choice here (there always will be people 
driven away or brought in by your choice), the fact that such decisions 
do affect contribution must be noted and should be kept in mind when 
selecting a language for a project.

I am an actual example. I am a developer who often plays around making 
minor modifications in open source software (for my own amusement most of 
the time). In case of gschem, guile (and scheme in general) was a 
showstopper on this. Not that I wouldn't be able to learn it if I really 
wanted or had to, it's just that there's always another project that is 
equailly interesting/important and does not require such effort just to 



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