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Subject: Re: [geda-user] gschem refactoring ideas -- overall architecture document.
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John Doty wrote:
> Peter Clifton wrote:

>> implied Z-order. What is lacking is the controls in gschem to shift the
>> objects around.. a simple "bring to front" and "send to back" should
>> suffice in the first instance.
> Cut and then paste in the same place is the “bring to front” operation.

This is a crutch that just happens to do the right thing by coincidence. 

> “Send to back” is harder.

Cut everything but the object you want to raise and paste it in the same 
place. This is of course also a crutch.

If you do graphics that relies on overlap, you'd also appreciate a way to 
increment the depth rather than put it all the way to the top. 

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