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On 16/06/13 21:50, Rob Butts wrote:
> I want to modify a Minn Kota C2 30 bass type trolling motor.  These 
> are sold by Walmart for $99.  The motor has a twist handle to switch 
> between 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse.  The manual shows the switch 
> inside and they are sold on ebay for $15.
> I purchased one and connected it to a 12 volt battery.  It has 5 posts 
> (Batt+, Batt-, Black, White, Red and Yellow).
> I came up with a table for voltages on each terminal of each switch 
> position but some of the switch positions have the same voltages on 
> the terminals.
> I'd like to use a simple lever or rocker type switch to step up 
> through the forward and reverse speeds along with discrete components 
> to mimic the function of the switch.
> I can't find a schematic of that switch.  Does anyone have suggestions 
> on how I can simulate the output of that switch?
> Thanks
You could either test the resistances of each path through the switch 
(on each setting) and update your table with that, or, you could try 
putting a load on the switch outputs and repeating your measurement of 

My guess is that there are some healthy sized resistors in that switch 
to provide the different speeds...

Best of luck..

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