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Nathan Stewart wrote:

> Someone (I thought it was you actually) suggested when laying out
> circuits with many repeating subcircuits, to create a dummy schematic
> containing nothing but one instance of the subcircuit you wish to
> layout.

Usually, this is not a dummy circuit, but the sub sheet actually in use 
for the project.

> Do your layout on this dummy schematic, which will have Sn/
> prepended to the refdes. 


> Then in your real schematic you can 'load file
> to buffer' and paste instances of this dummy layout, and then rename the
> refdes to the correct subcircuit prefix.

My work flow replaces/renames before load-to-buffer. This is done by 
simple three line bash script, which repeatedly applies the tr command on 
the prototype layout and saves to dummy layout files.

> This still works for that, since you can:
> resub S1/ S3/ and it well rename all selected instances. But now I can
> just layout the subcircuit, and do
> :resub ^ S3/
> and it will prepend S3/ to all subcircuit elements

Ok, now I seem to understand. It is nice to be able to deal gracefully 
with repeated patttens purely with on board tools of pcb.


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