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bsalinux AT gmail DOT com wrote:

> My concern is about the dissimilarities in undo key-binding between
> gschem and pcb. I would like to keep them same as ctrl-z or something
> else as long as I can train myself (I'm on Linux platform btw and other
> Linux programs understand ctrl-z).
> I tried key-mapping in PCB but it doesn't include undo (U).

Unfortunately, the set of actions in pcb is not complete, yet. Undo (and 
redo for that matter) are part of the commands that wait for someone to 
implement. It would be great if each and every activity that can be 
initiated via the GUI could also be executed with an action command. This 
would allow for scripted production of layouts.

If this was complemented with some kind of procedure control (if-then-
else, for-until, variables) then some fancy projects would become 
possible. -- just dreaming.

> How do users using geda platform (gschem + pcb) control their muscle
> memory?

Undo with [u] works in both applications :-)

However, I frequently type [n] in pcb if I want to draw a line...


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