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On 28/03/13 17:32, DJ Delorie wrote:
>> So what's the advantages/disadvantages to the lesstif hid ?  I have
>> no particular reason to stick with gtk other than it's what I've
>> always used.  That and I don't even have lesstif built/installed
>> anymore since it appears nothing much needs it.
> Advantages: more screen space allocated to the board, able to tear-off
> menus and place them on another monitor.

I have a 2560x1600 monitor, so the percentage lost to menus and stuff is small, but I could always do with more :)

> Disadvantages: not gnome, 

KDE here, so that's not a disadvantage for me.

>                           no toolbars or sidebar, no translucent
> layers.

Don't believe I've used translucent layers - unless it's something I'm just taking for granted. I'll have to go find out exactly what that does.

> So basically, it's just different.  It exists mostly because (1) it
> keeps the API between the gui and core clean, and (2) because I use it :-)

All the keyboard shortucts are the same though ?  I'm not opposed to different as long as it's not the 'forget everything you ever learned' style of different that seems all too common these days.

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