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Subject: Re: [geda-user] pcb layers & shortcuts
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On 28/03/13 17:30, DJ Delorie wrote:

> What version?  It's supposed to be: top, ground, signal2, signal3,
> power, bottom, outline, spare.

It identifies itself as 1.99z, but I'm guessing that's generic. It was compiled from git in early August 2012.

Worth it for me to rebuild from current git head and see if anything changes ?

> You might have a stored preference in ~/.pcb/preferences - see if you
> have layer-name-* defined there, which would override the defaults.

I do. From what I can tell pcb writes that file on exit. 

If I change the settings in there for groups or layers, simply start pcb and exit, what I put in there for layer-name-* appears to be overwritten with the default 8 layers I'm seeing. 

The groups line is left at what I put in the file, however it doesn't appear to be used as the groups I find under Preferences in the gui don't match.

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