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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Stencil tooling holes
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On 03/06/2013 09:12 AM, Ed Simmons wrote:
> The stencil attaches to the underside of the top hinged frame using the two rows of bolt holes in the stencil. The bolts slide
> into the rails of the makerbeam and can be positioned as needed along the edges of the stencil. See for more info
> about that... The raised bed for the board was needed to allow space for the bolts at the edges of the stencil. The makerbeam
> frame pivots on the two pieces of angle alu on the left of the picture.
> Is this a product worth developing? Would anyone else like one? It would be easy to tidy up into a nice design... eg get rid of
> the wood...

I'm a screen printer from way back.  I was dreamily thinking you'd found an automatic one.

I backed Sam too.  He doesn't seem to have made it universal and inexpensive enough,
no more presence.  Too bad.

So, without easy US access to low cost makerbeam, I'd make a milled plastic design,
using thickness for stiffness.  I've got some 1/2 inch polypropylene
to try prototyping with, and then go to production for US customers.  Shipping across the seas
kills sales of hobby/low-volume-niche-market tools by adding $30 US...for nothing
but delivery, where that costs $5-$8 here for that weight.

I do like your idea of frame-less stencils attached by holes specified in the stencil itself.

A feature that would really help sell a full manual screen printing frame is adjustability
for registration.

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