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On Wed, 30 Jan 2013, Stefan Salewski wrote:

> This is something what confused me too when I used gEDA/PCB for the
> first time, but there exist no easy solution. You should find
> discussions of this problem in in the wike and in this mailing list, or
> maybe on in older initial gEDA mailing list. DJ and others have mode
> suggestions to solve such kind of problems, some suggestions use a
> database to solve it.

The solution I found easy is my devmap script: I can use the generic 
symbols with letters, then I attach a devmap attribute telling which
actual device and footprint shall be used (e.g. bc817_sot23) and the rest 
is done while converting from gschem to pcb. Actual device maps are plain 
text files that describe attributes to be added/overwritten with a pinmap 
functionality that can replace pin numbers by value (so that pin C becomes 
pin 3). Device maps are easy to write, easy to maintain and VCS friendly. 
Schematics with the above "bc817_sot23" next to the symbol are readable, 
still not overtaxed with extra text.

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