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On Sun, 2013-01-27 at 15:38 -0800, bsalinux AT gmail DOT com wrote:
> Hi,
> In order to learn to edit an element, I took a DIP28 package and
> edited it to DIP14.
> I was able to edit the element fine using the instructions @
> After I saved the new element DIP14.fp to a file I saw that some of
> the lines from DIP28 still exist in DIP14.
> Also why "onsolder" is changed to "edge2" on the new pins?
> I would like to know if I missed something while editing the element.

Did you edit with an text editor or inside gschem?

Your initial DIP28 contains lines like

Pin[-15000 -65000 6000 2000 6600 3200 "1" "1" "square"]
Pad[-17500 -65000 -12500 -65000 6000 2000 6600 "1" "1""onsolder,square"]
Pad[-17500 -65000 -12500 -65000 6000 2000 6600 "1" "1" "square"]

This is a pin with name/number 1 -- the two Pad statements are used to
overlay the plain round pin with pads, one on solder side, one on the
other side -- I guess to make the pin copper oval. For plain round pins
you do not need the additional pad statements.

For your modified version you seems to have removed some Pin statements,
but not the corresponding Pad Statements.

I suggest reading

Some days ago someone posted a list of all the tools we have for
footprint creation, that include

On Thu, 2013-01-24 at 16:59 +0100, Karl Hammar wrote:
> Yea, writing a footprint generator is fun. There are a few ones
> And if you are interested in a perl one I have one at:

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