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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Still Struggling with PCB's Import Feature
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Thank you for your response.  I am still trying to sort things out.  I
vaguely remember that this importing scheme worked on my Linux box at
work, which at that time ran 64-bit stock Ubuntu 12.04LTS.  I vaguely
remember that the ImportGUI had windows for entering srcn and the
corresponding gschem page.  Could the upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 have
messed up something?  I may just give up and continue doing things the
old way.  Here are my responses to your suggestions:

On 01/26/2013 02:28 PM, DJ Delorie wrote:
> ...
> Hmmm... are you invoking pcb from a GUI menu system?  If so, I don't
> know what the "current directory" will be for pcb, but the import
> works from the current directory.
No, I invoked pcb from the working directory from the command line.
> For gnetlist to work, you need to make sure the gafrc in the "current"
> directory hs the paths to the symbols,
It does
> and pcb's library path must be correct
Hmmm, I am not sure how to verify that
> (before imports, gsch2pcb had pcb's library paths in its
> project files).
Yes.  gsch2pcb works fine in my setup (called from the "current"
directory), where I am trying the new import scheme.  So, called from
the command line from the same directory, 'gsch2pcb' works fine, while
the importing scheme of pcb (started from the command line from the same
directory) now has trouble with the nets (see below).
> In my case, I have a file $HOME/.pcb/settings that
> contains (among other things I added):
> lib-newlib = /envy/dj/geda/gedasymbols/www/user/dj_delorie/footprints:footprints
> The "footprints" at the end is "./footprints" in each project
> directory, for project-local footprints.
Got that, too. In each working directory I have a soft link named
'packages', which points to the local footprint directory.  In
'$HOME/.pcb/settings' I even specified an ABSOLUTE path to the directory
with my footprints.  From the error messages in the log window, it seems
this importing scheme has trouble finding my local libraries.  The
'gafrc' file in the working directory points to the correct symbol
library like so:

(component-library "../gschem-sym")

which should be correct because gsch2pcb works fine (and the relative
path indicated with respect to the working directory is correct)

and the '$HOME/.pcb/settings' file only has one line:


(absolute path pointing to the correct local footprint directory).  But
I got the same problems.  My library problems went away only after I
declared the local footprint library to pcb from the GUI
(File-->Preferences-->Library).  So, it seems to me that my version of
pcb does not care about '$HOME/.pcb/settings'.

So far so good.  I issued 'ImportGUI()' twice and selected the
appropriate gschem page from the menu that popped up.  HOWEVER, after
all was said and done, only the page imported LAST had connectivity (rat
nets).  The elements of the page imported first stood there without any
rat nets connecting to them!

Taking a quick look at the resulting pcb file with the editor, I
observed the following:

1.  There are no lines of the form 'Attribute("import::srcn" "<gschem
file name>")' despite the fact the elements were imported correctly
2. The nets listed at the end of the file refer only to the page
imported last, which agrees with the lack of connectivity of the
elements imported first.

Therefore, my only real problem now is that connectivity id maintained
only for the elements imported last.

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