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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Printing at gschem with no margins
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 03:16 +0100
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Antonio Todo Bom ✈ wrote:

> How to print B&W, with no margins, as were possible in the older
> versions?

I too find it irritating, that print from the GUI is always in color 
now. However, there is a new(?) command line tool: gaf 
This tool accepts several sub commands ("export", "config", "shell"). 
Use the sub command as the first parameter to gaf. This is very much 
like the commands in git. 
"gaf export" can be used to produce PDF, PS, EPS, PNG, or SVG. 

Sidenote: "Currently, export in svg format fails on my destktop:
ERROR: the surface type is not appropriate for the operation.

But the other formats work fine.

There is a man page for gaf which explains quite a number of options. 

> I see that there isn't a printing window anymore, where we
> could choice "Extend no margins".

This command produces a marginless PDF:
gaf export --margins="0mm;0mm;0mm;0mm" -o foobar.pdf foobar.sch

> Is there some string at gschemrc to adjust it?

"gaf config" looks like it is meant to do this job. It reads and 
writes alternatively to several files. None of which are the 
traditional gschemrc or gafrc:		

You'd have to pass the "group" and the "value" of a key to gaf config.
Unfortunately, the man page does not give an example. I did not 
succeed to guess the necessary group/value for print margins. Peter 
Brett, can you help me out?

Kai-Martin Knaak

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