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Here's what's in one of my pcb files...

Attribute("import::src0" "os-power.sch")
Attribute("import::src1" "os-prog.sch")
Attribute("import::src2" "os-bus.sch")
Attribute("import::src3" "os-ethernet.sch")
Attribute("import::src4" "os-misc.sch")
Attribute("import::src5" "os-usb.sch")
Attribute("import::newX" "171250")
Attribute("import::newY" "54375")
Attribute("import::disperse" "0")

These are outside of any layer or element definition (i.e. they're
layout attributes, not layer attributes).  I use plain File->Import
with it, it pulls in files in the CWD.  (gnetlist is the default, if
you don't override it inside the *.pcb file)

   {"Import Schematics" Import() }

Hmmm... are you invoking pcb from a GUI menu system?  If so, I don't
know what the "current directory" will be for pcb, but the import
works from the current directory.

For gnetlist to work, you need to make sure the gafrc in the "current"
directory hs the paths to the symbols, and pcb's library path must be
correct (before imports, gsch2pcb had pcb's library paths in its
project files).  In my case, I have a file $HOME/.pcb/settings that
contains (among other things I added):

lib-newlib = /envy/dj/geda/gedasymbols/www/user/dj_delorie/footprints:footprints

The "footprints" at the end is "./footprints" in each project
directory, for project-local footprints.

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