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Subject: Re: [geda-user] <Ctrl-G> (change metric grid) does not work in PCB opengl
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Gabriel Paubert wrote:

>> For bonus points, this ladder should be configurable via the GUI.
>> For example as a list entered in the preference dialog.
> I basically agree, but ideally when you use a weird grid (through
> the command line for example with setvalue(grid,...), PCB should
> remember it in a list of recently used values, and perhaps insert
> it automatically in the progression.

Yes, ideally grid handling could use a bunch of smart features. 
However, it may be wise to play safe and start with small steps. IIRC, 
there already was an effort to drastically improve grid handling. 

> The default list you give on top is not really logical, why is
> there 0.25mm but not 25µm 

The list cites what the current git head version of pcb offers.
The set of grid steps really is a matter of personal taste. It also is 
a setting that interacts with placement of components and track. It 
should be configurable per project.

Kai-Martin Knaak

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