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John Doty wrote:
> > In mathematics, there may be the special case of a circle with
> > zero radius, but using this as a placeholder for something else
> > is misuse.
> I disagree. "A circle is the set of all points at a given distance
> from a given point."

A circle is also a curve of length 2*r*pi drawn around a given point.
When r=0 there is no curve..

Even though I've written drawing primitives which estimate shapes
onto some coordinate system your model of a circle as a set of points
still strikes me as quite unexpected and odd.

But anyway, there is always a center point. Should it be drawn?
I think that the center point should never be drawn with a line, but
always visualized with a marker, regardless of r. I think this is
what happens already?

As for the original question, yes, making invalid circles more
visible, or simply deleting them with a log message, would make
the error more likely to be noticed.


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