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Subject: Re: [geda-user] Any new geda port for Windows?
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2013 04:12:22 +0100
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Peter Stuge wrote:

> It would be fantastic if the student could get in touch with the
> project in order to make those builds automated somewhere.

The build of the binaries is done on DJ's server by automated scripts. 
The results can be found at

Klaus's part of the job is to make the install a one-click experience 
for the uninitiated windows user. The installer makes sure, all 
necessary environment variables are set. It adds ghostscript to 
achieve printing. The intended audience is mainly our local population 
of users in the IQO (Institut für Quantenoptik). For this reason, the 
installer also includes our local library of symbols and footprints 
(i.e., my section of and config files thatconect to 
this lib.

Kai-Martin Knaak

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