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On Wed, 16 Jan 2013 20:24:44 -0200
Antonio Todo Bom ✈ <atodobom AT gmail DOT com> wrote:

> Nothing special.
> Just think that if a function analyzes whether an angle is zero or
> negative, as if this was an error. So should not leave yet as
> error. Alternatively, changes to analyze only if is negative.
> Well, for consistency a zero radius circle should render as a
> point at
> > display resolution, since for larger radii it renders as a
> > curve at display resolution. [snip]
> >
> Looking from this point of view. I think it is really interesting
> to tolerate circles with radius zero.

Maybe a cleaner way would be to add a new geometric entity, the
'point'.  Then we can require, and subsequently assume, that
circles have a radius greater than zero.  Which is what geometry


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