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On 1/16/2013 9:52 PM, John Doty wrote:
> But from where I sit, it appears that to a great extent pcb users (including you) simply took over the gEDA project,

Oh how dare they ... write code(?).  That's sort of how it works right?

And from "where I'm sitting" I can confidently say I have benefited and 
at times even made a living using the geda/PCB system.  The people who 
wrote it, maintain it, and improve it usually do so at times when they 
are amidst the stress of completing projects (when else do we lay out 
circuit boards?).  That they've taken time and concentration away from 
their work to share their contributions and improvements is just 
incredible.  I owe all the developers a debt of gratitude.

Regards, P. Taylor

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