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>> 2. The default setting seems to be "append" for geda-gaf 1.6 and beyond -
>> but was "prepend" earlier? I can't seem to find if it changed anywhere in
>> the source code tree.
> I don't think it has changed.
I ask because some schematics i had worked with using some early
version of gEDA are no longer working because the refdes-es are all
appended now - the only explanation is that there was some gnetlistrc
lurking somewhere.

> Well, spice-sdb is supposed to fix the prefixes for SPICE.
I am using spice-sdb, but unless i specify "prepend" my netlists are
unusable for SPICE. Here is a minimal example, with geda-gaf 1.8:

> turn hierarchy off in gnetlist.
I read the hierarchical design guidelines given by Peter Kaiser [1]
and others [2],[3]
and followed them to a T.

I also looked into the RF Amplifier design given in the default
examples. Does one use a makefile for such a design? Moreover the ease
of doing Down-Schematic seems to be lost.

> Put (hierarchy-traversal "disabled") in your gnetlistrc. Then I netlist subcircuits separately and
> let SPICE do the hierarchy expansion. See
Seems to be the answer! Looking into this. Thanks.

> trouble with memory leaks provoked by large
> flat netlists, and it's usually faster to let SPICE do the expansion.
Is there any documentation on this wrt ngSPICE?

Best Regards,
~Abhijit K


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