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Ouabache Designworks wrote:
> The hardware designer does not know if a verilog .v file was
> handcrafted and must be checked in or generated by finiteStateMachine
> tool and should not be checked in.

Uh? The person who handcrafted the file will surely know that it
needs to be committed?

> Setting up the ignore  and clean functions can be done but will
> take a lot of effort.

I don't see why? Don't get stuck on the existing user interfaces for
these operations, just think of how the operations fit into the

> All VersionControlSystems will do four things:

The git data model delivers well on all points.

> Beyond that they all provide various features to help developers and
> most VCS wars are fought over these features. If you are smart then
> you will not use any of them because they will all complicate
> things when it comes time to move your data on to the  next VCS.

I disagree. If a(n open) tool has a useful feature then it's a waste
of time not to take advantage of it.

You are absolutely right that migration in and out of a given system
are critical requirements for longevity.

I'm thinking about how well the git data model fits orange. So far it
seems really good.


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