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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 10:25:32 -0600
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Subject: Re: [geda-user] windows pcb version
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On 01/15/2013 09:25 AM, Bob Paddock wrote:
>>> This gets you bash/sh there is no need to run from inside of MSys unless you are trying to build something.
>> Are you saying to not have the msys shell on the path?
> Having MSys/bin in the path is fine.  It is if you run msys.bat or
> not.  For what I think you are doing you do not want to run msys.bat,
> You only want to have the tools in the path.  If you run msys.bat then
> you will be inside of the MSys build environment which may or may not
> be where you want to be depending on the task at hand.

Sounds simple enough to get into though --  create an icon for it.

Being inside
> the MSys build environment will make things work in a more Unix like
> style that non-Windows people would find more comfortable, and it is
> the only way to build some packages on Windows.  A pure Windows user
> would find running from inside MSys confusing.

Hmmm....  I want my scripts to run and make files to run and be able to
copy or delete or move files from dir to dir to arrange fab files neatly,
deal with different fabs, and clean and tidy up.

This is a make file snippet I'd like to have workable:

	if test -d $F; then rm -f $F/*; else mkdir $F; fi
	pcb -x gerber --all-layers $G.pcb
	cp $G.outline.gbr $F/$T.outline
	cp $G.topsilk.gbr $F/$
	cp $G.topmask.gbr $F/$
	cp $ $F/$
	cp $G.group2.gbr $F/$T.gr2
	cp $G.group3.gbr $F/$T.gr3
	cp $G.group5.gbr $F/$T.gr5
	cp $G.bottom.gbr $F/$
	cp $G.bottommask.gbr $F/$
	cp $G.bottomsilk.gbr $F/$
	cp $G.plated-drill.cnc $F/$T.plated.cnc
	cp $G.fab.gbr $F/$T.fab.gbr
	cp $G.bottompaste.gbr $F/$
	cp $G.toppaste.gbr $F/$
	-rm -f $F/*.zip
	cd $F; rm *.gr3 *.gr2; zip -9 $ $T.[a-y]*

Does use of commands
test -d
imply a need for msys?


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