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Ouabache Designworks <z3qmtr45 AT gmail DOT com> writes:

> On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 9:10 PM, John Griessen <john AT ecosensory DOT com> wrote:
>> So that simplifies using your libraries, but what about keeping a snapshot
>> of the
>> symbols and footprints as they were the day that project completed a
>> version and made
>> fab data?  It sounds like you are suggesting having your project dir not
>> under a revision control system.
> You can keep all of that but just don't try and put it in the same
> repository as the source design data. When you release a design you copy
> to something like frobozz_pca_12_jan2013_release and that will contain all
> the source and generated files used in the release. Save that because you
> might need it
> someday if there are issues.
This is what version control systems are for. Tags and branches exist
precisely for this reason. In the case of git, one can handle the case
of multiple source repositories with git-submodule. Other modern VCSes
have similar facilities. There are much better tools than cp(1) for
dealing with archival and versioning.


- Ben

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