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Kai-Martin Knaak wrote:
> My take on the same subject can be found on :
> This is a script I actually use to start geda projects. So it provides a  
> skeleton with a few more bones:
>   * an empty schematic file with a project name, date and developer filled 
> out in the title block.
>   * an empty layout file with my preferred layer stack.
>   * a doc directory with a lyx document that contains a number of standard 
> sections for documentation
>   * a print directory for rendered PDFs and print scripts. The print 
> scripts may be modified to match the needs of the specific project.
>   * a gerber directory for gerbers with a script that prepares the gerbers 
> from the layout file.
>   * a bom directory for the bill of materials and whatever additional 
> information the assembler needs. 
>   * a directory for files related to the enclosing. 3D CAD drawings, etc.
>   * a directory for old versions of the project

This layout is really good in many ways.

What approach does orange (the gEDA project manager) take?

Do we want to make it work with something like your layout?

Reading about your layout I had the thought that it would be quite
neat to use a git bundle as native project manager file format. :)

> >   * a Makefile for performing some common tasks (e.g. generating
> >     tragesym symbols, updating the pcb layout, and exporting gerbers)
> I found, Makefiles add to the barriers perceived by newbies. Even simple 
> Makefiles like yours look like incomprehensible magic spells to the 
> uninitiated. So I stick with the less elegant bash scripts.

This is a good point. I agree with the observation, but I tend to
prefer using more powerful tools and documenting them, rather than
dumbing down the tools for simplicity's sake.

> Is there any high profile open hardware project that endorses geda?

I don't know what you mean by high profile, but Kevin who makes
SIMtrace[1] switched from using KiCAD to gEDA. :)



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