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Subject: Re: [geda-user] geda-skeleton-project: Lowering the cost of a starting a gEDA project
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Ben Gamari wrote:

> This weekend I took some time to distill a skeleton gEDA project from
> one of my recent designs. The resulting tree can now be found on
> Github[1] and includes,
>   * a script to automate the initial configuration of the project

Very nice!
I like the way, you can see in github, what the result will look like. 

My take on the same subject can be found on :

This is a script I actually use to start geda projects. So it provides a  
skeleton with a few more bones:
  * an empty schematic file with a project name, date and developer filled 
out in the title block.
  * an empty layout file with my preferred layer stack.
  * a doc directory with a lyx document that contains a number of standard 
sections for documentation
  * a print directory for rendered PDFs and print scripts. The print 
scripts may be modified to match the needs of the specific project.
  * a gerber directory for gerbers with a script that prepares the gerbers 
from the layout file.
  * a bom directory for the bill of materials and whatever additional 
information the assembler needs. 
  * a directory for files related to the enclosing. 3D CAD drawings, etc.
  * a directory for old versions of the project

In addition, my script optionally prepares a bare git repo to push to.
Looking at your skeleton-project I realize a major ommission in my 
approach: I don't arrange for symbols and footprints in local directories. 
This is in part, because I tend to embed symbols if a project is "ready" 
for the archive. That way, *.sch and *.pcb  are the only master files, 
from which everything else can be derived.

>   * a Makefile for performing some common tasks (e.g. generating
>     tragesym symbols, updating the pcb layout, and exporting gerbers)

I found, Makefiles add to the barriers perceived by newbies. Even simple 
Makefiles like yours look like incomprehensible magic spells to the 
uninitiated. So I stick with the less elegant bash scripts.

>   * further discussion to clarify a few common questions about the
>     toolchain

Yes, documentation is a (very) weak spot in most of geda.

> Having used the toolchain for
> some time now, it is frustrating to see that so many open hardware
> projects continue to be designed in Eagle and the like.

Is there any high profile open hardware project that endorses geda?


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