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Subject: Re: [geda-user] geda-skeleton-project: Lowering the cost of a starting a gEDA project
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Ben Gamari <bgamari DOT foss AT gmail DOT com>

> Enoch <ixew AT hotmail DOT com> writes:
>> A good starting point. 
>> 1. Let the skeleton-geda-project replicate itself rather than rename.
> I was on the fence about how to approach this. Sleeping over it, I think
> you are right. Cloning a new repository is a bit nicer than renaming the
> original.

I am sure many would like to "git pull" your project often without it
disappearing after each "delivery" :-)

>> 2. Add rc configuration options such as loading the autonumbering
>> script, etc.
> I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "loading the autonumbering
> script" here. Are you referring the gschem's "autonumber text" facility?
> I haven't found the need to load anything with respect to this.
> Further concrete suggestions for default configuration options would be
> quite welcome.

For example, I have in gschemrc the following:

(load-from-path "auto-uref.scm")	       ; load the autonumbering script
(add-hook! add-component-hook auto-uref)       ; autonumber when adding a component
(add-hook! copy-component-hook auto-uref)      ; autonumber when copying a component

I find this feature useful when doing design changes.

Such scheme snippets though should be introduced as options.

I see in NEWS that we move towards using gaf config ... I wonder what
impact it would have.

Thanks, Enoch.

Devil's advocate corner: I wonder if help should be extended instead to
enhance gEDA Project Manager <> ...

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