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> cmake, (and also learn to use that myself)?

cmake is a make file generator, it will also generate project files
for Microsoft compilers.

Unless your goal is to target both compilers avoid cmake.

Also cmake under windows will refuse to run if it finds sh/bash in the path.
Even odder there can be very odd license interactions because of the
way cmake reads the environment.
Installing AVRStudio6 broke running of cmake to make VS2010 projects
to build llvm.
You have to hack the cmake scripts if you run into that problem.

I've found somethings that are simple as a few lines in a Makefile are
nearly impossible to do with cmake at all, or it might take 50 lines,
if you are doing odd things.  cmake is good for the domain it was made
for, however it is can be the wrong size hammer for many jobs.

If you are still after a makefile generator then take a look at
premake, which  seem to be bit rotting (doesn't support anything past
VS2010), and scons.

Usually it is just easier to stick with Make.  As Peter pointed out
you can get Make from the gnuwin32 project.  I'd just download the
whole package and put that in my path as it will give you a near
Unix/Linux like environment as far as the tool set., which is what I
do.  You'll still need to find sh/bash someplace.  I took mine from
the WinAVR compiler as I had it at hand.   Make's internal sh does
fine for most things, a few esoteric things only work with a real
shell being available.

I have a on going series of Makefile tips for doing unusual things on my blog:

>> The Windows versions act just like the Linux versions...

Unless you want to print, or has that been fixed?

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