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Subject: Re: [geda-user] geda-skeleton-project: Lowering the cost of a starting
a gEDA project
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On 01/13/2013 11:25 AM, Enoch wrote:
> This weekend I took some time to distill a skeleton gEDA project from
>>one of my recent designs. The resulting tree can now be found on
>>Github[1] and includes,
>>   * a script to automate the initial configuration of the project
>>   * a Makefile for performing some common tasks (e.g. generating
>>     tragesym symbols, updating the pcb layout, and exporting gerbers)
>>   * some documentation describing use of the initialization script and
>>     Makefile
>>   * further discussion to clarify a few common questions about the
>>     toolchain

Thanks.  I'll test this out.  I have a windows user wanting to use pcb on
simple schematics and I will need to support him some and this will help.

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