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On Sat, 2012-12-29 at 11:54 -0800, Edward Hennessy wrote:
> All,
> The git repository now contains the beginning of a Project Manager
> application. Until the project becomes more useful, it goes by
> "Orange."
> The project was originally created as a test to evaluate the
> capabilities of Vala. Vala is fantastic
> [...]

I am also interested in Vala.
My current favorite is Ruby -- it is a very nice language, but of course
speed can be a concern due to bytecode interpretation, and interfacing C
++ libs like BOOST or CGAL is some overhead. I just wrote some glue code
for Ruby-Boost to use its Fibonacci Priority Queue, and now have to
write some glue code to CGALS Delaunay Triangulation. For that, I was in
touch again with C++ -- I guess I will never learn to love it. How
difficult is it to access Libraries like CGAL or BOOST from Vala?

One alternative to Vala may be Rust of the Mozilla project -- I think it
is on an early state now, but it is not so much focused on GTK/GObject
like Vala. I guess Vala or Rust are the next candidates to learn for me.

Best regards,

Stefan Salewski

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