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Subject: Re: [geda-user] PCB: gcode export: missing drill file
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On 23/12/12 15:47, Leonardo Guardati wrote:
> Hi to all,
>       I've got a  problem exporting  gcode drill file from PCB.
> Here the situation.
> I'm new to gEDA, but I managed to  capture a  schematic  using
> gschem, then passing it to PCB for layout.
> I exported  the  gcode of the  board  and used it with EMC2 to
> mill the actual board.
> Now I need to drill the holes for through-hole elements.
> I'm using PCB 20110918.
> When I export gcode, PCB generate 4 files:
>     name.gcode.group1.cnc (and .png)
>    (and .png)
> The * file has got the tracks.
> The *.gcode.group1.cnc has got the pins.
> Reading PCB  Manual for  20110918 (  section 3.9.2 about gcode
> export) it says:
> "A drill file is also generated, and it  contains  all  drills
>   regardless  of  the  hole  size;  the  drilling  sequence  is
>   optimized in order to require  the least amount of movement."
> [I've checked the  previous and  the next manual versions, and
> they don't have this section.]
> I  suppose  the  *.gcode.group1.cnc  file  is  the drill file.
> _Here is the problem_.
> There  is  no  drill info, just the drawing of the pins on the
> board surface.
> I would  expect to see on emc2 a path  going 2mm (for example)
> below the plane containing the other tracks.
> Am I missing something? Is this a missing compile-time option?
> Leonardo.

Hi Leonardo,

Have you opened the generated drill file in a text editor?

It ought to have a drill depth variable in there for you to adjust in 
the header. Also, I found recently that if you don't have something 
drawn (eg a trace or rectangle of copper) on both top and bottom layers, 
sometimes no drill file is output.

The .cnc files are not the drill files, IIRC the drill file is called 

I hope that helps - I'm glad to see someone's getting on with something 
productive despite the festive season ;)


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