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Subject: [geda-user] PCB: gcode export: missing drill file
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Hi to all,

     I've got a  problem exporting  gcode drill file from PCB.

Here the situation.

I'm new to gEDA, but I managed to  capture a  schematic  using
gschem, then passing it to PCB for layout.
I exported  the  gcode of the  board  and used it with EMC2 to
mill the actual board.

Now I need to drill the holes for through-hole elements.

I'm using PCB 20110918.

When I export gcode, PCB generate 4 files:
   name.gcode.group1.cnc (and .png)    (and .png)

The * file has got the tracks.
The *.gcode.group1.cnc has got the pins.

Reading PCB  Manual for  20110918 (  section 3.9.2 about gcode 
export) it says:
"A drill file is also generated, and it  contains  all  drills
 regardless  of  the  hole  size;  the  drilling  sequence  is 
 optimized in order to require  the least amount of movement."

[I've checked the  previous and  the next manual versions, and
they don't have this section.]

I  suppose  the  *.gcode.group1.cnc  file  is  the drill file.

_Here is the problem_.

There  is  no  drill info, just the drawing of the pins on the
board surface.

I would  expect to see on emc2 a path  going 2mm (for example) 
below the plane containing the other tracks.

Am I missing something? Is this a missing compile-time option?


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